At Precise Exteriors, our focus has always been on a quality product and a no-nonsense way of doing business. We believe that there shouldn’t be any compromises when it comes to something that our customers are going to have for years after we’ve installed it.

Here’s What We Offer Our Staff

  • A Generous Compensation Plan

We pay our installers a fair rate for siding, soffit, fascia, and other materials.  With our compensation plan it’s possible to make nearly as much money as you want to work for!

  • Flexibility

We understand that life happens, and sometimes it impacts our work.  Our management style has always been about keeping our staff healthy and happy.

  • A Great Working Environment

The best part of working with a family owned business is that we understand what makes a great working environment.

When It Comes To Our Staff, We Aren’t Discriminating As Long As They Possess A Few Important Qualities

  • Reliability – We provide our crews with all the equipment they’ll need to be successful. All we ask is that our crews treat our equipment with the same care and diligence that they would their own.
  • Trustworthiness – With a generous compensation structure and an open working environment, Precise Exteriors is committed to treating our staff right. With this in mind, we ask our staff to be honest with us at all times.
  • Motivated to succeed – A large part of our compensation plan is based around how efficient our installers are. If you are motivated and work hard you will be compensated very fairly at Precise Exteriors. We never want our staff to have to worry about money.
  • Coachable – Nobody is born an eavestrough installer, and installing siding isn’t something you learn in high school. We are more than willing to coach and train the right person to maximize their success (and income)!

Do we sound like the right kind of company for you?  If so e-mail your resume to with the subject “New applicant – siding installer”.  We look forward to hearing from you!